Locate your lost or stolen laptop with FireFound [Firefox]

This is one of the most interesting software concepts I have come across in recent times. FireFound is a Firefox add-on that will help you find your lost or stolen computer, provided you had installed the add-on prior to losing your laptop. FireFound monitors the location of your computer for changes and securely notifies a remote server as soon the location changes, which would happen when your laptop is either lost or you move from one location to another. Your location’s data is password protected, so only you can know your computer’s location and log into your account to monitor its movement.

The best part of the tool is that in case your laptop is lost or stolen, you can simply login to your account and have FireFound clear your personal data, such as saved passwords, from Firefox before anyone else is able to retrieve it from the browser. Technically, if your laptop is lost today you will login to your account and ask FireFound to clear your personal data and when the person who has your laptop will open Firefox, the add-on will contact the server for instructions and clear the data. The only problem – your stolen laptop should have been connected to the Internet for this concept to work. For more information on FireFound and to download it, visit its project hosting page.

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