Still haven’t unlocked your iPhone 3G?

iPhone 3G unlockedFor those who haven’t been told about the good news that an iPhone 3G unlocking application is now available, you got it now. An application called yellowsn0w from Dev-Team can unlock your iPhone 3G so you can use it with any SIM from any carrier. Here is what you need to know before you head off towards a step-by-step guide to unlock your iPhone.

  • The unlock works exclusively with baseband 02.28.00. This baseband is provided by the latest firmware update (2.2) from Apple. Upgrade to this release using iTunes.
  • The application is a small daemon that is launched on boot.
  • yellowsn0w is completely removable through Cydia, the command line, and iTunes.

Since you are now familiar with the basic stuff, use the very simple step-by-step guide on iClarified to unlock your iPhone 3G.

And also just to let you know, the application is completely free of charge. So if you come across any paid DIY iPhone 3G unlocking kit, stay away from it.