World’s thinnest washer/dryer safe USB drive that fits in wallet

KingMax 8GB Super StickHere’s the thinnest, water and heat resistant USB flash drive from KingMax which measures and weights about the size of a paper clip. With such a small size to its advantage, it make it very easy to carry it anywhere in your wallet. If you are wondering about the durability of this USB flash stick, its patented packaging technology makes it stronger than plastic or aluminum casing.

And about the storage capacity of this disk, it’s a 8GB thumb drive that you can use to store your music files, photos, software, documentation, presentations and a lot of other things.

Though it is easy to carry it in your wallet, you may want to attach it to something that you carry with you most of the time. If you are one of those who has already misplaced a few flash drives, this super thin flash drive is the last disk you might want to buy. KingMax 8GB Super thin USB flash disk