A Simple Diet Program to Lose Weight Easily in Just Seven Days

Weight loss is one of the top-most concern of many individuals. Ever changing modern work style does not leave us with enough time and opportunities to take care of ourselves and our body. The weight loss program or the free diet plan that I will share with you in this post consists of a seven day diet regime aiming to reduce your weight by 3-4 Kgs a week, consider it a rapid weight loss diet. This could be very helpful for bloggers, Internet addicts and IT professionals who spent lot of time working on their computers without burning any calories off their body. Anyone can follow this free diet program as it doesn’t aim at quick weight loss. Losing up-to 3-4 Kgs of weight a week is healthy weight loss. If you have been considering various weight loss solutions such as weight loss surgery, I recommend that you try this weight loss diet first and then only look at any other solution if it doesn’t work.

Please note the following points before you take up this weight loss diet regime.

  • If you are not comfortable, you can discontinue the diet program on any day.
  • You must drink at least 7 glasses of water everyday unless specifically mentioned to drink more in the regime below.
  • Continue this program till you lose extra weight. Once you attain proper weight, you may either continue or discontinue the diet regime and follow it whenever you need to.
  • This is one of the top 10 diet plans if you are aiming at gradual and healthy weight loss.
  • This is a low carb diet plan. If you are suffering from any illness and require high carb diet, consult your doctor before you follow this weight loss plan.
  • Don’t blame me if you don’t lose enough weight. Just continue the regime for another 7 days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seven Day Diet Regime – Targeting a weight loss of up to 4 Kgs a week

Day 1 [Fruits] – Day one of your diet regime will start with all fruits diet. You may eat fruits of your choice and in any quantity. There is no limit. Eat till your stomach is full. In case you don’t find fruits in nearby stores, you can substitute it with packaged fruit juices but avoid fruit juices that have preservatives in it, they don’t really do any good in this case. On day one, you must eat fruits ONLY and don’t forget to drink at least 7 glasses of water.

Note: The only fruit that will not be on your plate is Banana. Every other fruit is ok except banana. Don’t limit it to just one fruit, have as many different fruits you can.

Day 2 [Vegetables] – This is all vegetables day. If you prefer, you may have raw or/and cooked vegetables. Eat as much as you want to, no quantity restrictions. If you want to cook the vegetables, you may do so but avoid using oil while you cook. 7 glasses of water today also.

Day 3 [Fruits and Vegetables] – On day three, you will eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables. No quantity restrictions, eat till you fill your stomach. Also, eat one banana today, just one!

Day 4 [Vegetables, Bananas and Milk] – Today you will eat 6 bananas, 3 glasses of milk and small quantity of vegetables. In the morning, your breakfast will start with 2 bananas and one big glass of milk. You will follow this in the afternoon for your lunch. In the evening eat 2 bananas, eat vegetables and drink one glass of milk.

Day 5 [Rice and tomatoes] – Today you will have one cup of rice, six full tomatoes (medium size) and since you are having lots of tomatoes, drink 10 glasses of water today.

Day 6 [Rice and Vegetables] – One cup of rice and raw/cooked vegetables of your choice. It’s recommended that you eat rice in the morning and for rest of the day, eat vegetables.

Day 7 [Fruits, Vegetables and Rice] – On day seven, eat fruits, vegetables and 1 cup of rice. You may substitute fruits and vegetables with juices as well, but that is to avoid.

This diet regime works well by burning more fat than accumulating it and since it avoids all sorts of food items that eventually gets converted to fat to become a part of your body, the weight loss is faster and harmless.

Frequently asked weight loss & diet questions/answers

Q: Does diet and exercise help lose weight?

A: Yes! A diet that’s rich in proteins and vitamins but low on carbohydrates and fat helps you stay fit. Low carb diet helps reduce the excess fat from your body but it’s a gradual process and you must not expect to lose weight overnight. Exercising regularly helps burn calories and fat in your body and keeps you fit. Even a walk for 10 mins or climbing 20 stairs helps burn calories.

Q: What are the most easy ways to lose weight?

A: Some easy ways to lose weight is by controlling your diet and exercising regularly. Prefer a diet that’s low in carbs and at the same time doing exercise will create a deficit of calories in your body which will help in faster burning of the excessive fat from your body.

Q: Can drinking only water help lose weight?

A: Certainly not! Although water has zero calories it also has no proteins or nutritions. The only suggestion about water is to replace soda drinks with water. By only drinking water you should not expect any weight loss.

Q: What is BMI (Body Mass Index)?

A: Body Mass Index (BMI) is a statistical measure of the weight of a person scaled according to height, to determine amount of body fat and applies to both men and women. The following are the BMI categories:

BMI value of less than 18.5 -> Underweight
BMI value of between 18.5 and 24.9 -> Normal weight
BMI value of between 25.0 and 29.9 -> Overweight
BMI value of 30 and above -> Obese

Q: How is BMI calculated?

A: When measurement units for weight is in kilograms and height is in meters:

Formula: weight (kg) / [height (m)]2
Example: Weight = 68 kg, Height = 165 cm (1.65 m)
Calculation: 68 รท (1.65)2 = 24.98

When measurement units for weight is in pounds and height is in inches:

Formula: weight (lb) / [height (in)]2 x 703
Example: Weight = 150 lbs, Height = 5โ€™5โ€ (65″)
Calculation: [150 รท (65)2] x 703 = 24.96

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34 thoughts on “A Simple Diet Program to Lose Weight Easily in Just Seven Days

  1. Leila,
    I have personally tried the diet and lost ~1kg of weight in 2 weeks. I couldn’t follow the diet entirely but gave up rice and bananas completely. I increased intake of water from 2 liters to 3-4 liters every day.

  2. Hello,
    Im going into modeling and i need to loose about 5-10 pounds.
    Do you think that i could loose that much weight?
    Plus how long do you think it will take.
    Im looking for a GOOD, EFFECTIVE, and HEALTHY!

  3. Hi Maddie,
    You can certainly lose weight, the duration would depend on many factors. I recommend that you start with diet and follow it every alternate week.

  4. I was wonderingg does this really work because i have a couple of parties coming up and im sick of being the fat girl!?

  5. Hi Cris,
    You should give this weight loss regime at least a try for two weeks and then use this weight loss diet as many as times you want to lose more weight. One should not expect any kind of rapid weight loss with such 7 day weight loss programs.
    – Raj

  6. I am trying another version of this diet prescribed by my doctor but it involves meat towards the end of the regime. Im on Day 2, do you guys think it would affect the results if I do have fruits on both Day 2 when im only supposed to have vegetables. I just dont think veggies are going to go down on me right for breakfast. Help!

  7. Sane,
    It will have very minimal impact if you have fruits on day 2 also. Please keep in mind that in case you can’t have vegetables in the morning, do eat small quantities whenever you can.
    Bottom line, I don’t see any problem with you having vegetables on day2 also. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I have been trying to lose weight lately by up-ing my regular exercise and not eating out. This has worked in the past, but it seems that now (at 27) my body wants to hold on to weight more than in the past. My question is will running and lifting weights be too strenuous for this diet? Or should I eat something different to make the diet work with exercise so I don’t collapse during a run from lack of nutrition?

  9. Erik,
    You may want to consider an alternate weight loss diet if you want to continue exercising during this diet. However, I would recommend that if you want to take up the diet mentioned on this page, don’t exercise for a week. Just do brisk walking everyday for 15 minutes, that should be good enough.

  10. Michaela,
    All you have to do is follow this natural weight loss program over next few weeks and feel the difference. You may or may not observe quick weight loss, so don’t get disappointed – just continue with this weight loss diet for another few weeks.
    good luck!

  11. So on this Diet…. you can’t excersise??

    Then how are you meant to tighten up the fat once you’ve lost it???

  12. okay im only 14 and i weigh 96 lbs.
    i dont think i need to loose much weight just a few lbs. i have this little pouch that i want gone. i exercise randomly about 3 times a week. but is doing nothing. so if i exercise and try this diet will things work better and have more progress?

  13. Brandy,
    You need to exercise more and almost everyday. I recommend that you also walk daily. This diet regime will certainly help you lose weight.

  14. hi, im overweight and in need of some diet and exercise and your diet looks great , but i was wondering if there was any way that i can introduce a few meats into the diet and still lose the weight?? , as soon as you get back to this i’m going to try the diet regardless of the meat :)

  15. Naseri,
    On day 8 if you don’t see any loss in your weight, please continue with this diet for another 7 days. Otherwise, you may fall back onto your normal diet starting day 8.

  16. I HATE HATE tomatoes.
    is there something i can substitute on day 5, rice and TEN tomatoes!!!!????
    i can’t eat them!!

  17. Gina,
    You may substitute tomatoes with any other fruit that’s rich in fibres. Or, you can try oats, such as Quaker’s oatmeal instead tomatoes.

  18. so I just repeating the diet week after week till I have lost my goal weight? Day 8 would actually be going back to day 1 and eat just all fruit?

  19. Kristina – That’s absolutely correct. On day 8 you will start with the day 1 of the diet regime.

  20. Hi all just tried this diet for a week and wow amazing!!!!!! it really helps to lose weight fast and I’ve lost around 7 ponds!!!!! in a week’s time…..Thanks for the info Raj

    Good Luck to all who want to give it a try….It’s worth it.

  21. hii
    i want to try this diet soon but i want to ask can i switch days like doing day two as day one programme ???

  22. hi ,
    me and my better-half were luking for something similar to this diet plan….we both will try it and then let others know how successful it is!!!
    thnx for the info. anyways!!!

  23. Hi Raj

    I would like to clarify a few doubts regarding the regime
    1. can I have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.
    2. can rice be substituted with chapatis, if yes,how many?

  24. Rama,
    Yes, you can have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. You should not substitute rice with chapatis, that’s not recommended.

  25. hi Raj,

    I tried this diet last week, it is amazing the it works wonders. I could do it only for five days and to my surprize i have lost approximately three kgs. thank you raj.

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