How To: Upload and Store Files in Your GMail Account

Update: It’s been quite a while since this post was made and a lot has changed since then. Google now has a product called Google Drive that will let you store files on their servers and also offers a client software that will sync your local files to your Google Drive account. Google Drive lets you store up to 15GB of your stuff for free, access them from anywhere, and collaborate with others.

This post teach you the steps to use your GMail account to store files such as mp3, power point, PDFs, ZIP etc. The only limitation is that you can not upload a file larger than 10Mb in size but in most cases 10mb is still large enough. You will need to install a shell extension in your system to access all the uploaded files in gmail through your windows explorer.

How much can be uploaded on gmail?

Gmail will allow you to store as much as 6GB+ of files. Sounds interesting? Let’s first begin with the installation of shell extension.

Step# 1 – Download and install the GMail Drive Shell Extension from Softpedia or check the Author’s site for more download locations. You may have to restart your system for the changes to take effect.

Step# 2 – After reboot, double click “My Computer“, and check to see if ‘GMail Drive‘ shows up. If you see the drive, it means that your installation was successful. If not, please re-install the shell extension and reboot the system.

GMail Drive in My Computer

Step# 3 – To login and start uploading files to your GMail account, double click on ‘GMail Drive’ in ‘My Computer’ and login to your GMail account. [On a shared computer do not set auto-login]. You can right click and select ‘Login As’ to login as a different User.

GMail Login Screen

Step# 4 – Post login, you will see an empty drive. To create a new folder, right click and select New->Folder. Double click on the folder and then either create a subfolder or just ‘Copy-Paste’ or ‘Drag & Drop’ a file into it. That’s it! You have discovered a new way of using GMail, to store your files. 😉 That’s why I love GMail. :)

GMail in Windows Explorer

💡 Please note that, an uploaded file/folder has a prefix of GMAILFS when you see them in GMail. I recommend that you create a label called ‘MyFiles’ and label all such emails [uploaded files in fact] so that you do not confuse them with other emails.

uploaded files with GMAILFS prefix

💡 To check the current usage of your GMail drive, right click on the driver letter and select properties.

Now that you know how to use your GMail account to store your important files, go ahead and upload all those important certificates, mp3s, spredsheets, documents, PDFs etc.

Happy Uploading! :)

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  1. I am a proud Gmail user. Never worrying about email size, incredibly fast reply (powered by AJAX, a technology often used by Google), Web Clips,
    automatic forwarding, one button – click search, advanced filters, labels and not folders, message preview, automatic refresh, auto-save messages,as-good-as-yahoomail spam filters, not one executable to be sent or received, feeling of having a different technology? A definite recommendation for
    anyone that reads more than one email per day.
    Have you tried Gmail? If yes, what's your taste on it? Why do you love it/hate it?

  2. Hello Zachariah,

    I like GMail for the very same features you mentioned. And yes, I recommend it to everyone who are looking for a free email account on Internet.

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